Listening Tours

Beginning in September 2017, BCMC has been conducting a series of "listening tours" in neighborhoods, particularly those heavily affected by violence. Each tour involves training people who live or work in the neighborhood (or very nearby) in skills of active and reflective listening, and then working with them to canvass their neighbors and have conversations about what people really want, need, feel, and care about. Our ultimate aim in training people from the neighborhood is to help them strengthen their skills for working with the people around them to achieve common goals. 

One use to which BCMC puts the information gathered during listening tours is the creation of a short summary report that lets people know what we've learned about what the community says it needs, what its strengths are, and other information. Since this information is produced by the community, it is our conviction that it also belongs to the community, and should be accessible to them. As we complete summary reports, they are physically distributed in the communities surveyed, and we will also post them on this page.

Central-West Baltimore (Penn-North), September 2017

Park Heights, June 2018