Types of Mediation

Criminal Justice Mediation

Conflicts where the police have been called
Conflicts where criminal charges have been filed for a misdemeanor crime
Police Complaint Mediation
Re-Entry Mediation for people leaving prison who want to make plans for the future with family or friends  (This can happen inside the facility.)


General Community Mediation

Neighborhood Organizations
Youth-adult neighborhood conflicts
Parents and their teenage child(ren)
Sibling conflicts
Parenting Plans (Custody & Visitation agreements)
Caring for an older family member
Husband & wife conflicts
Friendships turned sour
Roommate disputes
Conflict between boyfriend & girlfriend or partners
Employment disputes
Coworker conflicts
Businesses and their customers
Businesses and their surrounding neighbors

Schools Mediation

Students and teachers
Students in conflict with each other
Parents in conflict with the school
IEP facilitation
Attendance Mediation


Need to request a mediation?  

Contact us by clicking on the button below or calling us.  The BCMC staff will contact all participants to arrange time, date, and location that is agreeable for everyone.

If you opt to use the form, please fill it out as completely as possible.  A BCMC  Coordinator will contact you in 2 - 4 business days.