Job Title: Office & Financial Manager


Baltimore Community Mediation Center (BCMC) is looking to fill the position of Office and Financial Manager. Please send resumes to Erricka Bridgeford at We are looking to fill this position by mid-late May, 2021.


Salary: $40,000 + benefits



  • Background in finance management

  • Experience in financial grant management

  • Proficient in QuickBooks

  • Proficient in Microsoft Outlook

  • Proficient in Excel

  • Attentiveness to detail and order

  • Readiness to be a team player within an organization focused on saving lives and creating peace in Baltimore.


Responsibilities for This Position:


Financial Management

  • Monitor the checking account regularly to ensure funds availability.

  • Compile quarterly and yearly financial reports, and use them to update BCMC budget, invoicing, or Quickbooks entries continually.

  • Conduct regular cash flow analysis, and recommend budget changes as needed.

  • Prepare financial reports for Board Meetings and work with Treasurer

  • Manage vendor files.

  • Invoice funders, training and research recipients/customers and track payments on a monthly basis to determine follow-up requests.

  • Deposit checks and cash on date received.

  • Ensure timely acknowledgement (thank you letters) of all donations.

  • Prepare workplace giving campaign applications (MCC, UWCM, UWNCA, CFC), promote campaigns, acknowledge gifts.

  • Work with auditor to coordinate yearly audits and taxes



Financial Grant Management

  • Work with Executive Director to develop budget for each grant.

  • Track all expenses according to grant and funder requirements.

  • Compile financial reports (monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, and annually) to accompany grant reports.

  • Submit financial reports using funders’ online software or paper forms.

  • Invoice funders monthly, quarterly, and annually.

  • Pursue timely payment of funder invoices.

  • Track cash flow according to payment timelines of each funder

  • Collaborate with ED on helping all CMM subcontractors to generate correct and timely invoices (consultants, Centers)



  • Enter payroll payments, taxes and allocations into Quickbooks according to Employee Expense Percentages by grant.

  • Use Quickbooks to write checks, invoice clients, post details, verify and allocate all financial transactions according to corresponding grants.

  • Troubleshoot problems with vendors.

  • Work closely with staff on reimbursements and receipt tracking.

  • Manage monthly financial files, including bills, invoices, receipts, deposits & bank statements.

  • Human Resources

  • Coordinate compensation, taxes and benefits for all staff.

  • Gather payroll information biweekly, including tracking staff hours and leave, and call in payments to outside vendor. Track payroll tax changes. Troubleshoot any problems.

  • Coordinate all insurance coverage (Workers Comp, D&O, General Liability, health insurance for staff).

  • Coordinate retirement fund for CMM staff, in collaboration with broker and vendor. Log payments in the vendor’s web-based system on a biweekly basis.



  • Order supplies as needed.

  • Coordinate space usage.