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Real Peacemakers Serving the Baltimore Community

Baltimore Community Mediation Center teaches and uses conflict resolution skills to provide a framework for people to have difficult conversations and make plans about topics that are important to them.

We provide a variety of mediation and conflict management services to Baltimore City organizations and residents. Mediation services are grant-supported and free to the community, while our other services are offered on a sliding scale. All services have the ability to transform lives and bring power back to individuals.

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Holding a non-judgmental, confidential, and voluntary framework for people to have difficult conversations is the heart of our work. Mediators listen, ask questions, and clarify what’s important to each participant. We don’t offer advice and we don’t take sides. Each participant makes their own decisions in mediation. Mediation is appropriate for every stage of conflict. It is never too late – or too early – to mediate.

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We teach people how to understand and resolve conflict. In addition to extensive training for our volunteer mediators, we offer customized trainings to community groups, businesses, and all types of organization. Topics include inclusive listening skills, de-escalating conflict, and much more.

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Large group facilitations are currently suspended due to COVID-19

Our large-group facilitation can help transform systems and institutions. Recent research has shown that our pioneering Youth/Police Dialogue circles change participants' attitudes. These dialogue circles bring together youth and police officers to unpack implicit bias and to humanize one group to another.

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